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It is with sadness that I announce the FFB Manager will be going on hiatus for an unknown amount of time. :(

Life is too hectic right now with a family (a wonderful wife and three young boys), a job that lately has been demanding 50-60 hour work weeks, and other obligations (such as sleep ;).

These commitments prevent me from finding the time needed to dedicate to the Manager. In addition, the customer service end of running the web site has become more overwhelming as usage has increased each year (something which a few of you [rightly] brought up in email to me last year). Mix all of this with gross income that continues to go down each year, I'm left with the very difficult decision that the Manager needs to be shut down for at least one year (if not forever). :(

I would like to thank all of the Manager's faithful customers over the past 9 years. THANK YOU!! 2007 was supposed to be the Manager's 10th and I was hoping to pull out all the stops for you guys. Hopefully some day (soon) the Manager will come back stronger than ever. [The perfect solution would be to team up with others and figure out a better way of getting things done.] :)

My plan is to try to keep the data up and accessible for as long as I can, but without running the Manager, I no longer have need for a dedicated server, so I'll have to keep an eye on how much usage the Manager takes up at my new host provider.

Thanks again, Mike / Spud d:-)

[Update as of (Fri. 05/18/2007 01:09 AM EDT): Things seem to be up and running again. Thank you all for your patience in getting this running on the new host. PLEASE NOTE that at this time logos and email are not functional. This will probably be an issue for the foreseeable future.]

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