Some History of the Manager

I (Mike "Spud" Webb, more info available at The Webbs link at the top of the page) started the Manager in 1998 to alleviate the burden of our league commissioner. From there, the software has been modified (or completely rewritten) to accept the various configurations of leagues. All of those changes have lead to the Manager in its current form.

Lately, the Manager has been victim of the time crunch that we all seem to be going through. Most hours of the day are accounted for with family (wife and two young sons :) and real work responsibilities. The Manager gets some of the time that is left over.

That being said, I still think the Manager is a pretty good value in today's marketplace. :) Please note, I'm not delusional that I've got the best fantasy football management service out there! What the Manager now offers should be able to service most leagues. As I get time (and the requests), I'm trying to make the Manager even more robust.

At some point in the future, I'd love to be able to say that this is my "full time" job, but right now I don't see that happening. The fees that I charge, cover hosting costs, the price of stats, and a few other business expenses, so there is not much left over for the living expenses, thus the "real" job.

Working on the Manager can be very stressful at times as most of the work falls directly on my shoulders. That said though, I continue to work on the Manager because it is fun and a challenge to my programming and design skills.

Specific Questions

Does the Manager offer "live scoring"?
Yes it does! :) The stats do not necessarily reflect what the final stats will be, but they should give a pretty good indication of how things are going

When will the Manager be active?
I'm working as feverishly as possible getting the 2005 Manager open for league sign-ups. My best guess is that sign-ups will be active around July 15, but this may slip a bit as my normal responsibilities take control.

Will the server be able to handle the load?
It should be. The FFB Manager runs on its own dedicated server.

How much does the Manager cost?
For 2006, I'm offering discounted rates due to my expenses going down this year. If you are a previous customer, your league fees this season will be $50. If you are a new league, then the costs are $60.

Also, you can get a free year of Manager service for every two new leagues that pay their league fees. The referrals carry over too, so if you referred one paying league last year and one this year, then this year's service will be free.

Is there a demo league I can look at?
Not at this time. My suggestion would be to enter the word "league" (without the quotes) in the "Find a League" section of this page. That will list almost every league serviced by the Manager. Pick one and take a look. As for a true demo league that will give you access to the team and admin pages, it is on my to do list. Just never quite makes it high enough up the list.

Can feature X, Y, and/or Z be added to the Manager?
I do my best to be as accommodating as possible with feature requests. Some are very easy and can be slipped in relatively fast. Others would require a redesign of how things are done now. That doesn't mean my response will be no, it just means that it may take a while, since the amount of time I have to work on the Manager is limited (see history above for more clarification).

I need to keep logging into the Manager, even though I have the "Save login info for this session? (uses cookies):" checkbox selected. What gives?
If this happens, please send along what browser and operating system you are using to access the Manager. This info will go a long way to helping me be able to track down your problems. Just contact support.

When using the contact form to send email about the Manager, which address should I use?
In all honesty, it doesn't matter, since they are all currently coming to me. If I can find someone to answer email though (which would be very desirable :), then it will matter more in the future. The general rule of thumb though should be: if you are in a league and have any comments or questions, send them to "support"; if you're curious about the features of the Manager, send them to "manager"; if you're interested in trading links or other web site specific questions, send those emails along to "webmaster".

I work as quickly as I can to get emails answered in a timely fashion. As the season gets nearer, the amount of email goes up, so responses may not be as quick as I'd like. Please be assured that I'll get to your email as quickly as I can.

What sort of drafting is supported (e.g on-line, off-line, email, etc.)?
As of right now, the Manager only supports drafts held off-line and the results being entered into the Manager manually.

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